Fizzy Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Ale

Fizzy non alcoholic strawberry goodness… if it there was no winter I would probably drink this (and variations) forever…


2 cup Mason Jar

1 pair of Scissors (optional)



1/2 cup Defrosted Strawberries

1/2 cup Frozen Strawberries Slices

1/4 cup of Aloe Vera Juice

1/4 cup of Ginger Ale



  1. Add the defrosted strawberries to a mason Jar and cut into a small pieces with scissors.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and close the lid.
  3. Invert the jar twice and enjoy!!!!


*Note* Defrosted strawberries give off more flavor than fresh strawberries.

*Note2* Use any fruit but the creamy ones (sorry mango and banana lovers this one isn’t for you… though you can try at your own risk).


Happy Eating ^.^/


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