Basic Mashed Potatoes

Basic… probably too basic. If you have beef stew with this… or chinese bbq pork! Even just plain gravy works too (not making it unless you call JaJang gravy).

Time (including prep): ~15min

Serving: ~3 cups


  • 1 Sponge
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 Pot
  • 1 Masher/Fork
  • 1 Spatula (optional)


  • 250ml Cold water
  • 600g Potatoes
  • 62.5ml – 125ml Milk (Any type works fine here)


  1. Wash potatoes thoroughly. Use a sponge to scrub away all excess dirt.
  2. Cut potatoes into chunks (approximately 2.5cm cubes) and toss them into a pot.
  3. Add 250ml of water to the pot and bring to a rolling boil.
  4. Boil for 5 minutes lid partially open.
  5. Turn off the heat and and close the lid. Let the potatoes steam for 5 minutes or until a fork can easily pierce through.
  6. Mash potatoes into a paste.
  7. Mix in milk a little at a time until desired texture is reached.

*NOTE* Add garlic, herbs or butter to the pot before boiling for an infused flavour. Mix in any vegetables at the end for an more interesting flavour.

*NOTE2* If you are having trouble with the step 4. No worries, just find yourself a pair of chopsticks and place them on the edges of the pot and prop up the lid that way.

So hard right? Happy eating!  ^.^/


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